Performance SPF Jersey Hooded Sweatshirt


Wanna rock a hoodie that still breathes, wicks rain/moisture, has SPF30 in the material to help against harmful UV rays, and is heavy enough to withstand strong wind and gusts? This is the hooded sweatshirt for you. 

Comprised of a heavy outer shell, with a thin fleece lining, this hooded sweatshirts allows you to keep comfortable in all conditions that you may face. The hood insert contains a breathable mesh lining to insure good airflow in the hood when it is up and synched around your face to help with fogging with glasses and sunglasses. All the logos are sublimated into the fabric, so there will be no ink/design wear-downs or peel offs. All the seams have been triple stitched to insure quality craftsmanship. The pull strings are moisture wicking to reduce moisture build up in the strings. 

This performance hooded sweatshirt includes a front, back and hood logo along with custom metal grommets, and our signature rubber patch on the bottom pocket.