Rubber T-Stop Pegs


Make sure your Arsenal Tungsten Weights stay secure and in place when skipping, punching, and casting your rigs. The Arsenal T-Stop Peg System is created to fit Arsenal Tungsten Weights tight and perfect. The T-Stop Pegs feature a small side channel so your line can lay straight through the shaft without pushing it to the side, which helps with an even fall or spin. Simply slide your line of choice through your Arsenal Tungsten Flipping Weights, slide the Rubber T-Stop Peg from the bottom of the weight through the top, pull tight from the top until the bottom disc is snug inside the bottom of the weight, then snip off the excess at the top flush with the weight. Contains 15 Pegs compared to the usual 10 from most competitors! Regular size fits: 1/4oz to 1/2oz Large size fits: 3/4oz to 2oz