Tactical Minnow 3.5″


With so many swimbaits flooding the fishing industry, Arsenal Fishing wanted to make sure to offer one that has features of all the various swimbaits available. The Tactical Minnow by Arsenal Fishing is a full bodied – ribbed – solid soft plastic swimbait that features a belly slit to hide hook points for weedless applications, and a top backbone slit to help rest hooks when threading through the body and securing through the top of the bait. Each package contains soft plastics that are loaded with salt and scented with garlic shad scent. Each size we offer carries different merits for certain applications. The 4.5″ version is perfect to use with any swim bait jig-head, weighted hooks, or thread it on bladed jigs, spinnerbaits, buzz baits, or any style jig you want to improve the action and/or bulk of your lure appearance. If the 4.5″ size is too big for your trailer application needs, you can bite or cut down to the size or try our 3.5″ size that is perfect for those applications!


Quantities Per Size:
3″ = 10 pieces
3.5″ = 10 pieces
4.5″ = 8 pieces

Disclaimer: Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of pets and children.