Classic SPF30 Neck Gator


If you fish, hike, camp, hang out at your favorite music festival, or sitting outside doing some yard work you need sun protection! This neck gator is the perfect addition to your spring and summer outdoor wardrobe to keep you outside and comfortable for longer periods of time. This neck gator can be used/worn 15 different ways or more: face mask, headband, neckerchief, balaclava, pirate, beanie, foulard, hairband, wristband, alice band, and many more.. The Classic v1 Neck Gator from Arsenal Fishing features a size that is different then 90% of the ones on the market today. This gator is 19.25″ in length and 10″ in width. This provides a longer length to help protect the back of your neck, or be able to pull it over more of your head. The width is right in the middle of the perfect fit. Too big will sag or fall down, and too tight restricts breathing. This size, plus the SPF30 spandex materials we use, helps aid in keeping this neck gator tight to your body, while being comfortable enough to forget you are wearing it.

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